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Why Do Puppies Eat Grass?

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Many of us like dogs as a pet. Dogs are devout animals and people love dogs. But we have some concerns about our pet dog. Many people have the question, why do puppies eat grass? We all know that dogs are carnivores. Dogs usually eat fish and meat. Because dogs are not herbivores. But still, dogs are seen eating grass.

why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs eat grass because, like humans, dogs cannot go to the doctor if they want. A domestic dog can be taken to a vet, but wild dogs cannot be taken to a doctor. So when a dog has a stomach problem, they eat grass or plants. And as a result of eating this grass or foliage, dogs vomit. This removes the waste inside their stomach. Which naturally relieves them from stomach ailments.

Reasons why does my dog eat grass?

  • Need more fiber: They need fiber. That they can get from grass and leaves.
  • Need to be sick: Dogs need to be sick to be cured properly.
  • Sometimes they get bored: Sometimes dogs get bored with taking the same types of meals.
  • Upset stomach: Dogs can experience upset stomachs for different reasons, and it’s important to identify and address the cause to help your pet feel better.
  • Cause of Anxiety: The anxiety of dogs is caused by their boredom.
  • Sometimes they like it: As humans need some change in their daily routine, dogs/animals also need some changes Then they like to eat grass.
  • Enjoy the test and texture: Some of the time dogs enjoy the test & texture of grass.

Which types of dogs eat grass?

For dogs, eating grass is a common behavior. Wild and domestic, both types of dogs eat grass, and as we know it’s a common act of dogs.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Grass

Eating grass is normal for dogs. But if you don’t like it. Then you can take the steps to stop them from eating grass:

  • Need to monitor: First, you need to keep your eyes on your dogs so that they can’t eat more quantity of grass.
  • Clean your yard: You need to keep your yard neat and clean. Regularly clean the sites that dogs have accessed.
  • Balanced diet: You have to give your dogs the balanced diet that they need.
  • Consult veterinarian: Regularly consult with the veterinarian for your dog’s health.
  • Address boredom and anxiety causes: Sometimes dogs get bored. That’s why they eat grass. Therefore we must know the reason.
  • Environmental facts: There are some environmental reasons for eating grass of dogs.
  • Digestive issues: Many of us know that it’s a common issue. Some dogs eat grass to help themselves vomit or rid of minor stomach discomfort.

Dog eating grass and vomiting:

A study found that 25% of dogs vomit and conducted found that fewer than 10% of dogs seem to be sick before eating grass When dogs eat grass. The dog does not have any problems with it. Instead, he gets rid of illness. And that is completely natural. Grass acts as a natural medicine for dogs.

African wild dogs?

Some of the wild dogs that exist in the African jungles eat grass or leaves to heal themselves naturally. Which relieves them from stomach aches and other problems. They do not have any side effects to eat grass.


Finally, we can say that eating grass does not cause any problems for dogs. Instead, the dog eats grass and vomits out the stomach waste. So there is no reason to worry.

Many people do not agree with the idea that the reason dogs eat grass is to clean their stomachs, which seems baseless to many. Many believe that the ancestors of dogs are wolves. And after eating carnivores, wolves eat leaves or grass for digestion. And that’s why dogs inherit grass.

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