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How Long Should I Keep My Puppy on Pee Pads?

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Keeping your new puppy confined to your home while you’re away is the best way to help him learn where to go potty. But even so, accidents are bound to happen. Keeping a supply of clean, fresh pee pads in your puppy’s confinement area will make cleanup a lot faster and easier, not to mention reducing the chances of him having another accident in that area again. Today, You will see how Long Should I Keep My Puppy on Pee Pads?

These pads can be found at most pet stores or online, and they come in different sizes and absorbencies. You don’t want something too small that he could bite off pieces of or something so big that it would take up too much floor space. A general rule is 1-2 pads per adult dog plus one more for good measure.

Choosing a Good Puppy Pee Pad

The best pee pads for puppies are made of a water-resistant material. The best ones feature a leak-proof top to protect your floors. When choosing pee pads for puppies, look for the following features:

– Absorbent material – You want to be sure that the pee pads are highly absorbent to prevent your puppy’s urine from soaking through and staining your floors.

– Easy to clean – You’ll need to clean the pee pads regularly. Some brands are easier to clean than others.

– Easy to dispose of – You’ll want to be sure that the pads are easy to dispose of. Some brands come with resealable tops for easy disposal.

– Easy to fit in your confinement area – Make sure that the pads are easy to fit in your puppy’s confinement area. Some brands come in different sizes.

– Good price – You don’t want to spend too much when buying pee pads for your new puppy.


How to keep your puppy on pee pads

– Pick the right spot – Make sure that you have your puppy on pee pads in the right place at all times. You want him as close to the door as possible so that he knows where to go when he gets let out on his own. The best place for a puppy’s pee pads is right next to the door that he will go out of.

– Practice makes perfect – If your puppy is new to potty training, don’t expect him to be perfect right off the bat. Don’t punish him for not going to the right place; instead, try to figure out what might be causing him to miss the mark. Maybe the pee pads are too high, or he might just not be used to them yet. Be patient and try to help your puppy feel more comfortable being on the pee pads.


What to do when you find a pee pad and your puppy has urinated on it anyway

  • First and foremost, don’t flip out. Your puppy didn’t do it on purpose, and getting mad at him will only make things worse. Instead, figure out what went wrong. Did he not get let out in time? Did the pee pad smell trigger a false alarm? Did he miss the mark and urinate on the pad anyway? Figure out what happened, and try to rectify it so that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Dispose of the pee pad. While you might want to keep the pee pad as evidence that your puppy peed on it, you don’t really want to keep a pee pad that smells like pee. Dispose of the pee pad and replace it with a fresh one. If your puppy peed on it, he won’t be able to smell his own urine on the pad and will be less likely to mark it again.

Finding and cleaning dried urine from pee pads

If you find a pee pad that isn’t fresh and there is dried urine on it, you’ll have to soak the pad to get the dried urine out. Place the pee pad in a bucket filled with warm water with a bit of dish soap. Let the pad soak until all the dried urine is out of the pad. Once the pad is clean, you can throw it out.

How Long Should I Keep My Puppy on Pee Pads
How Long Should I Keep My Puppy on Pee Pads

If you find fresh urine on a pee pad, you can spray it down with an enzymatic cleaner that will break down the urine and make it less potent. If you don’t have an enzymatic cleaner, you can spray the pee pad down with 50/50 vinegar and water solution.


Your puppy’s pee pads should be changed every couple of hours. If you put your puppy on pee pads and he doesn’t pee on them, don’t be tempted to take them out. The goal here is for your puppy to get used to them and feel comfortable being on them so that he gets good potty habits from the get-go. Keeping your puppy on pee pads will help you out in the long run. I hope you have to know read the explanation of how Long Should I Keep My Puppy on Pee Pad?

Accidents are bound to happen, but by keeping a fresh supply of pee pads in your puppy’s confinement area, you’ll be able to clean them up quickly and easily with minimal mess.

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